Bangladesh Need Diversification and Exploration of Jute Products

When it comes to jute, mostly jute bags or sacks and yarn come to the picture. But it should not be what jute really is. There are many other uses of jute not yet known in Bangladesh although the country’s private sector has enough potential to seize the opportunities. Neighboring India is providing all necessary support to jute product manufacturers in the field of production, marketing and sale of products through all its showrooms spread across the country.

In South India, a fair was opened recently with a range of products. A jute painting was among the major attractions of the exhibition. They first do a digital painting and then put it on a jute base. The product has been of great demand, especially in the overseas market. The company has also been doing jute paintings on various themes and has even ventured into jute portrait paintings. Another start-up that was featured at the fair had come up with little organic jute bags that can be used to replace plastic bags to keep food products in the fridge.

Innovation is the key. Entrepreneurs need to have an ear for the demands of the customers. For instance, when people were asked why they used so much plastic, a majority of them said it was for storing vegetables and fruits in the fridge. That is how they came up with the idea. A range of utility products including jute clocks, jute mirrors, jute storage bags, jute ornaments, pencil stands and a wide variety of fashion bags and clutches could be in high demand. One of the major highlights at the fair was the jute laptop bag, which has been ordered in bulk by major companies and universities.

Dissemination of vital info to jute mills owners and growers as to what they should do to get better prices brooks no delay. They need such assistance and they will surely march forward as others have done in cases with ready made garments and frozen foods.

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